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speaking without tongues

she asked me if I was happy
since there wasn’t a response worth uttering I honoured the masculine tradition
I’ll take that as a no then
to say communication failed would be a slur on body language
you find your own answers in this life
or else you are forced to borrow them

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The eternal mariner

they say no man is an island, hence I navigate a simple vessel, observe the rhythm of the sea, the cadence of the tide and the circadian philosophy of the natural order.. there have been doldrums as there have been friendly natives offering respite within their safe havens.. yet still I sail on carrying my cargo of desiderata safely stowed below..


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me and you

me and you

we know what to do

me and you

we know when we’re through

we’ve seen it when the times were fine

we’ve tasted tears we’ve sipped our wine

and all the world was waiting for

was a sign of weakness

not any more


me and you

we felt so secure

me and you

king and queen of the world

but like circus clowns we brought it down

to earth


me and you

in retrospect

was me and you

all due respect

ambivalence reigns supreme today

not black or white but misty grey

a lack of hate or silent treatment

just acceptance

of heathen repentance


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friday night and the feelings right

a message to all it will be alright

yes you politician hunting for votes

yes you revolutionary grabbing their throats

yes you hurried mother pram in your hands

yes you eco-warrier alone on the sands

yes you business leader ignoring the red

yes you six month baby screaming to be fed

yes you police officer penning a fine

yes you old lady waiting in line

yes you young romantic rejected in love

yes you righteous sister imploring above

yes you football manager exploding in rage

yes you mister convict locked up in your cage

yes you sweet young darling where is mister right

yes you drunken hoodlum itching for a fight

yes you jobless waiter broken all the plates

yes you intellectuals lost your debates

yes you tired farmer inspecting your crops

yes you desperate housewife touring round all the shops

yes you with the bandana and you with the gun

yes you with the stutter and you with the pun

you on an airplane and you launching rockets

you smoking nature and you picking pockets

you writing headlines and you on the run

you wanting freedom and you seeking fun

you buying credit swaps and you renting skin

you going nowhere and you who have been

you with a complex and you who just lie

you who seek paradise and you who just die

you are the one who I meet on the street

you are the one whose eyes I shall greet

you are my rise and you are my fall

you are the door opening in the wall


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falls through your fingers

we had it
for a while it simmered
then came to the boil
we left it on a low flame
we rationed out the blame game

we bred it
for a night it sparkled
then in the morning
we let it grow its hair long
we knew the words to its song

we abused it
for it was tough as leather
then began to wear thin
we patched it up re-built it
we swore we’d never bruise it

we found it
yet it was battered and broken
then in its new home
we painted pictures brightly
we shed our tears nightly

we lived it
for it was all we needed
then one evening
we understood the new rules
we dined and drank we were fools


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