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speaking without tongues

she asked me if I was happy
since there wasn’t a response worth uttering I honoured the masculine tradition
I’ll take that as a no then
to say communication failed would be a slur on body language
you find your own answers in this life
or else you are forced to borrow them

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the calling

go out and listen to the chorists
they’re calling the souls who hide away

come in and talk to the mourners
they’re wasting the hours of another day

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Keep it simple

Body and mind

mind and soul

stay alive, keep me whole

paid a price, paid its toll

now and then I wonder how

it’s seamless

Day by day

a ticking clock

past and present run amok

certainty, don’t mean a lot

where I belong

it’s hazy

Talk to me, I’ll answer back

question me, on facts I lack

taunt me with the other side

I’ll just laugh, as it’s ludicrous and you should know

I won’t stop running til the whistle blows

I won’t look further than the river banks

I can’t swim faster than a killer whale

But I’ll be content to keep my head above

Satisfied to warm my blood

Mystified it’s understood

Don’t ask too much

A simple touch

Will do


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