the new lovers

you sigh,
I smile,
what you can’t see doesn’t exist,
all outside is an undercurrent of disturbance,
we shall not let it invade our lascivious hinterland..


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The eternal mariner

they say no man is an island, hence I navigate a simple vessel, observe the rhythm of the sea, the cadence of the tide and the circadian philosophy of the natural order.. there have been doldrums as there have been friendly natives offering respite within their safe havens.. yet still I sail on carrying my cargo of desiderata safely stowed below..


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the prince and the ice maiden

lunch 001

We twist and turn along the spiral staircase, me and my car

as I follow the cream cheese moon down into Tarare

Upon high he sits with grand authority, seemingly secure

This winter’s night is not the occasion to engage his allure


Our winterland of cold illusion, sharp and still

as I push wide open the shutters from the window sill

Here today and gone tomorrow jests this ghostly threat

Deadly be the caress of the ice maiden, lest we forget

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Her name was Lupercalia
she was our valentine of sorts
airbrushed from history by an ancient sensor
yet her kiss defies the ages
and the blood red mystique of the modern sages

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fast forward


I see your beacon shining from the highest peak

beckoning me

still I stand at my window imprisoned by shackles of my own decree

fast forward

into light and into space 

one by one these features dim

sleep is a suffocation drug in my veins

fast forward

and don’t even hear the soles of your boots upon the highway

and don’t glance backwards at what you’re afraid of

there’s no time but the present being deleted

fast forward

some curious empathy

these fertile plains

long to be impregnated by the silent stream

and stop


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highway hedonism

Let me take you for a spin, you oil my hinges honey
I get a buzz on the slip road
pull up in a lay-by, connect you to my hard drive
she’s a viral firewall breaker
stiletto dances the accelerator


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the fall of man

the fall of man
the guns of war
the ugly creatures
watch them brawl

over lost futures that they dreamed
grasped easily on movie screens
we go outside and light a flame
the ending shall always feel the same

it’s not for me
it’s not for you
it’s blood-red poison
black and blue

the sound of raindrops curtain fall
the memory won’t die at all
the haunted sleep shall see to this
I bow my head and cease my fit


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