Eye Tea

A pop up pin cushion of bug breeding scum saving download detectable firewall fanatical screenshot cam scam iconoclastic memory wiping mother boarding waterboarding version vermin security sucking apple crushing bill gates foundation cream smearing blue screen smashing pumkin pie gobbling hen house picking shit on the rug hug slug fest christmas cum early cracker impenetrable v tunnel v one vw digging pixel swigging ear jigging pop-eyed geek wank fest staining adolescent fifa fifteen joystick joy of sex joy divisional joyless pre-pubescent candy crunching kiddie fiddling corrupt towers of testosterone toast for dinner whiskers spam scram wham bang thank you mam mum what’s for tea jerk off beef jerky smirky herpes chlamydia clap faced fast paced pee stink grime gunk swallowing trash can man kid dog hamster pet shop take it back to no receipt hell on earth hovel wench whoring system start up throw up excuse..


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