fast forward


I see your beacon shining from the highest peak

beckoning me

still I stand at my window imprisoned by shackles of my own decree

fast forward

into light and into space 

one by one these features dim

sleep is a suffocation drug in my veins

fast forward

and don’t even hear the soles of your boots upon the highway

and don’t glance backwards at what you’re afraid of

there’s no time but the present being deleted

fast forward

some curious empathy

these fertile plains

long to be impregnated by the silent stream

and stop



Filed under Health, love, Philosophy, Poetry

2 responses to “fast forward

  1. Katy Boyer's Bliss Bait Art

    Woweeekazaaam. That’s gorgeous! I’ve missed Your words!!! I’m back…slowly reacquainting myself. Hope YOu’ve been well! Thank You for the beautiful words! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Hi Miss Bliss! yes, I noticed you had popped onto Ichabod’s realm again.. which I love debating on.. I keep going back there too.. sometimes I take a break but then blogland lures me back again.. and thanx for the positive feedback.. 🙂

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