Do you know her?

Fate winks her lusty eyelid and turns

she leaves you blistered with burns

hush she beckons

be patient until the rains come


Envy pulls you close to her cheek

“Look” she rasps, “I could be yours this week”

wait she implores

wait for evermore


Hope calls you back the next day

your voice is tinged with dismay

as you drop the receiver

such a fool to believe her


Love touches your elbow in the street

her strength could knock you off your feet

but you don’t recognise her

without make-up








Filed under daily, love, Philosophy, Poetry

6 responses to “Do you know her?

  1. This is by far the best dose of real time philosophy I’ve had in a darned long time. You have got those words right down pat, for each of those wondrous, conundrums of nouns 🙂
    I loved it!

  2. aayushimehta

    So wise. Loved this!

  3. This is killer personification, and reads so well! I loved it. Think I’ll go read it again…

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