the aftermath

perhaps it was a warning

through my blurry eyes the light flickered and died

I tried to switch it on

I tried to bring it back

but now I’m sure the light shines on somewhere else


at four-thirty in the morning

summoned by the coldest part of the night

you know the call can only mean one thing

and you don’t want to take it

but you must swallow the pill down in one


it isn’t dramatic at all

as for the bulb as for the heart

when the sands have slipped away

and your fears have passed away

only then it’s silent


I’m ushered into a dim room of four white walls

a white sheet and an absence of motion

hesitant until warmth meets cold

what was there now isn’t there

I nod in bleak acceptance











Filed under daily, Philosophy, Poetry

6 responses to “the aftermath

  1. This brought a tear to my eye. Beautifully written.

  2. Very thought-provoking – drawing out the fears we all have. Thanks for sharing!

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