old flames

I dreamed of orange trees, you dreamed of me

I woke to hazy memories, you tempted me

let me have another sip from your cherryade

it tastes so much sweeter because it is home-made

slaving in the galley’s not my scene

My feet may be dirty from all the fields that I’ve been

Take me as I am, that’s how I owe myself to be

Once we spent the hard-earned now we borrow from history

You say you hear voices in the street

I say lower the blinds down may these strangers be discreet



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8 responses to “old flames

  1. Ah! There are layers to this one, right from those gorgeous leaves of a sunburnt shade, to the cherry trees, and the going beyond to the metaphysical concept of time and space! Beauteous!

    • great! I think you may have “got it”.. maybe not the story/ies behind this but the concept.. I’ll let you into a little secret though.. or two..
      1) I actually DID dream of my little miniature orange tree as it’s bearing fruit! a weird thing to dream admitedly, and somebody I know very well DID dream of me as they’ve told me..
      2) the two lines containing the words “let me have another sip..” etc were in my head & I liked them so much (I have the music in my head for these potential lyrics) that I had to utilise them somehow..
      3) there are a couple of “intimate” references which I think you’ve recognized 😉
      So all in all I’ve created an event which may or may not have occured.. but thanx for your comments 🙂

      • Woah. Thank you 🙂

        And you know those lines
        “My feet may be dirty from all the fields that I’ve been
        Take me as I am, that’s how I owe myself to be…”

        speak for so much that I connect with! It’s that dream walking, that cherry tree walking, and me, walking 🙂 And those “references”? Oh yes, subtle, but one cannot not know it 🙂

  2. nice write! I liked “spent the hard-earned now, we borrow from history” a lovely piece! Happy gardening!


    • thanx but if you’re going to insert a comma it would be after “earned” as in “once we spent the hard-earned, now we borrow from history”, as it changes the time element.. perhaps I will edit that..my fault 😉

  3. The story seems to just tumble forth in light refrain.

    A good poem. Thank you.

  4. Hello! I’ve tagged you to answers some questions. Check out my new post “You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers” 🙂

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