warm as hell

Someone’s always watching when the raindrops fall

someone’s always crying when they get the call

flowers in the garden droop for one and all

and you’re lonely

lonely as hell


Ask me if I’ve been there and I’ll tell you so

ask me if it fades completely I’d say no

but you can sew the seeds again to make it grow

and you’re happy

happy as hell


so I’m happy

happy as well

for a moment we struggled to breath

but we got through by the skin of our teeth


there’s a little story that I heard before

there’s a simple gesture and it can restore

doesn’t take a volcano to light the flame

and you’re warmer

warm as hell






Filed under daily, Health, love, Philosophy, Poetry

4 responses to “warm as hell

  1. No it doesn’t 🙂
    And sometimes people are warmer than all of those things put together.
    Enjoyed reading this too 🙂

  2. sometimes people show their true colours when things are grey..

  3. vivid capture of two extreme emotions, well done,


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