a lunar toast

Here’s a toast to eternal dreams,

the candle bends and flickers,

the gale it chills and lashes,

the night it looms and covers,

the stars they wink upon us,

the moon it watches over,

the glass is almost empty yet oh so full..


The moon says “drink to me in my lofty sky,

drink to her in your mind’s eye,

use me as a tracer light,

seek me as your bearing tonight..

we navigate this starry sea,

we contemplate catastrophe,

yet never failing you and me”

for we have mutual empathy”



Filed under daily, Dreams, Health, love, Philosophy, Poetry

2 responses to “a lunar toast

  1. The moon was beautiful last night! Would have wanted to toast her with these words!
    I like the way this builds up to a very personal note!

    • thanx for your comments, sometimes I drift away from the blog and then return after a few weeks.. the inspiration ebbs and flows like the tide which in turn is caused by the moon..

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