innocence lost


when we were young

what I mean by young is

a bit younger than the mirror suggests

we’d get out and play

in the stadiums of world cup heroes

in the fields of imaginary armies

on the tracks of glory

full pelt down the staircase

a bruise was but a badge of pride


 when we were kids

we were unafraid of death

it was just a game over message

you could go again


I’ve never been to the moon or walked the stars

I’ve danced in nightclubs, drank in bars

feet firmly on the ground

whilst the earth is turning round


Can you read me?

I’m tripping on the fancy free

re-living all we used to be

and wondering when it all became reality..





Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “innocence lost

  1. I like this – and your sentiments about kids being free to take risk, play outside, get bruises. Nice job!

  2. Ahhh… Memories…
    Thank you for giving me a little trip down memory lane. I’ll be sure to follow from now on so good luck writing and god bless :).

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