Dome Rat

she said it’s dark in here

he said it’s normal

she wasn’t feeling well

he said it’s winter

she coughed

he squinted into the encroaching gloom

they didn’t see the dome rat

the dome rat knew they were there


she said let’s go now

he said wait a minute you’re always in a hurry

she said have it your own way

he muttered something vague

she sniffed

he shuffled

the dome rat was silent

the dome rat was at home


she knocked over a tin can

he swore at her

she complained meekly

he laughed at her

she didn’t care

he couldn’t see her

the dome rat could

the dome rat was silent


she sighed and made for the door

he banged around on the drums

she lit a cigarette outside

he asked for a drag

she said let’s go now

he said ok

the dome rat was listening

the dome rat stayed



Filed under Fun, Poetry

5 responses to “Dome Rat

  1. Summons up inner city seediness and downtown backstreets after midnight for me – a black and white photo of urban youth and sneeky voyeurism. Your inspiration? A ‘metro ad’?

  2. This is brilliant! I was intrigued by your comment about two parallel lives meeting, so I came to read, and now am SO GLAD I did. Creative use of name, setting, choice of animal – who ever thinks about the perspective of rats or flies on the wall when we are so caught up in our own little dramas? Love this. Well Done!

  3. On the Chinese calander I’m a rat – ‘Born under a bad sign’, as Clapton once sang. Perhaps he was right?

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