a storm in a teacup

sip your sweet tea in silence ma séductrice

you don’t need to talk now

taste this tender moment with the tip of your tongue

you don’t need to talk now

every time I inch towards deliverance

you don’t need to talk now

enclosed in your cosy cluster of care

you don’t need to talk now

let me sigh

let your shoulders shiver

I won’t leave you here

in a pool of tranquility

I can sense a sea change

in your vulnerability

we don’t need to talk now



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14 responses to “a storm in a teacup

  1. hmm…now just who is the seducer here?
    and what’s in that tea? ha.

    sensual piece with strong suggestiveness.

    I like the”I can sense a sea change…”
    well so can I. very moving poem.

  2. Within that tea cup are many dreams. Let the storm brew!
    Excellent poem.

  3. Love this one, Tigercity! The gift of a moment, kept silent, changes the tempo so much. How many years it took me to learn this? Many.

  4. Jennifaye

    Sometimes, silence is enough. Words have a way of ruining moments. 🙂

  5. When you have finished your cup of tea there still remains something in the cup … a nice poem on emptiness. Very well done.

    • well it’s up to the reader to interpret a poem.. but “emptyness” wasn’t in my thoughts at all! unless you’re alluding to not being able to give yourself up 100% to someone.. that we “keep a bit back” for ourselves..thanx for the feedback all the same.. 😉

  6. Talk is unnecessary when silence can convey 🙂

    • and the inner voice still chats away.. we need to blank out the inner voice.. but yes, these moments are raw and real on a human level..we all desire more of true communication.. love is the most important thing in life and trying to achieve the perfect union.. the perfect communication is what we aspire to..

  7. fabulously written. there are moments when silence is very much required, this is one of them for sure.

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