higher than the high


well we are going to follow one by one

up into the sky above where we belong

can you see me there all light and round

never been so high never will be found


up and over the town

and I hate looking down

it’s all such a mystery to me

it feels so cool to be free

but you know the magic’s complete

 as I gaze on the streets


when the moment comes you just let go

let the filly take you on her rodeo

I just can’t describe the affair

with the wind in my hair

and the mountains so bare

there’s so much to behold

yet so much to beware


wait how far is this

hey I’m losing my bliss

and this sickness inside

but there’s nowhere to hide

just downwards to slide


the last thing I knew

was a flash of white light

a pressure too tight

as they turned off the light

above the city of lights

said goodbye to the night

goodbye to the flight




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20 responses to “higher than the high

  1. you have captured the bubbles vividly and beautifully,

    elegant imagery.

  2. So, the moment of fantasy ends. Pop! Guess we shouldn’t fly too close to the sun? But – ‘better to burn out than to fade away’, isn’t it? Perhaps we should ask a bubble. Nice poem, Tiger, to start off the day.

  3. Kay Salady

    Oh, this was so great! I enjoyed it very much.

  4. GRRReat take,

    thanks for the tickles.

  5. I have enjoyed your bubble so much and reading your poem. I am happy I stopped by to read your blog and I do so enjoy it so much each visit I make here thanks

  6. positive,

    good to wave goodbye to flight and dark night,

    Thanks for the sunshine.

  7. A.B. Thomas

    Loved the flow and the perspective you took!

  8. Wonderful take on bubbles, I love it. 🙂

  9. Nice one! I love the point of view of the bubbles… well done 🙂

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