amongst the daisies


beside the fountain


under the brazen sky

I’ll catch your eye


everywhere you look

everywhere you see

anyone will tell you

it’s the dream my friend

until the very end



I feel an aching


my hand is shaking


I know there’s someone new

and very few

will doubt this feeling


whisper endless prose to me I know the score

ignite me with divine caresses to my core

this key is yours it’s forged from love

cherish it or bury it



I’ve said it


I meant it

when the day comes

there’ll be sheets to write down


when the night falls

there’ll be sheets to lie on

so come on


plenty to laugh about

plenty to shout about

believe me

come see me





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8 responses to “plenty

  1. That beginning stanza, is it? that begins “there” and ends with “I’ll catch your eye”. I read that over and over liking the pauses and the teasing sound of it, Tigercity. Good poem!

    • good question! yes and no; the first and third verses are ‘stanzas’ in the sense they carry the same rhythm but the others are different.. the only structure to the poem are the ‘stanzas’ but it’s quite loose.

      To be honest, my poems are often ‘songs’ in my head which sometimes metamorphosise (is that ok as a verb?) into poems.. because I haven’t learnt the guitar yet..

  2. amazing………..

    your words create very dynamic and vivid image here.

    • I’m very happy to hear that.. as a writer you’re not always sure to convey the sound you have in your own head to the reader.. and in any case people read poems differently and add their own pace.. which is fine.. the subject of this poem is one which has been covered millions of times but as it’s so universal and at the same time personal, it seems we can always add to the mystery.. it’s not something that will ever go out of date..!

  3. what a great beginning and it does not stop until the end so well done

  4. wrote it on a whim? What a talent to be able to write such a piece on a whim.

    I really like “whisper endless prose to me I know the score”

    my entry

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