me and you

me and you

we know what to do

me and you

we know when we’re through

we’ve seen it when the times were fine

we’ve tasted tears we’ve sipped our wine

and all the world was waiting for

was a sign of weakness

not any more


me and you

we felt so secure

me and you

king and queen of the world

but like circus clowns we brought it down

to earth


me and you

in retrospect

was me and you

all due respect

ambivalence reigns supreme today

not black or white but misty grey

a lack of hate or silent treatment

just acceptance

of heathen repentance



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14 responses to “me and you

  1. Really like that line, “not black or white but misty gray”. The tags listed for this poem are awesome. It fits every single one to a tee, Tigercity. Good poem.

    • muchas gracias!! poetry is my way of dealing with issues.. and I think it is healthy, when all that needs to be said and shared is out there.. re-reading my own peoms later on gives the subject a different persepective.. I always come back and most of the time I don’t cringe and think “what was i thinking??” although one or twice I’ve thought that..

  2. love the sentiments in it,
    profound piece.

  3. lovely..

    share your humor with us if you could.

    • humor.. poetry is one thing, I can write it down, however in my opinion my best humor is “live”.. it’s spur of the moment.. there is a style that i can do however.. there isn’t much on this blog but I may dedicate another blog to humor..

  4. lovely composition..

    Thanks for sharing…

    • Merci.. I always find it touching that people take time to read my stuff, you know here in the modern world of the internet, time is a precious commodity and we lack patience..

  5. Sadly these things do happen, but you have written about it with spirit and forthrightness. Facing the mysty grey issues. Excellent … both the poem and its courage.

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