I can’t wait until tomorrow as the feeling will die

lost forever in the blink of an eye

when everyone I see looks back at me as if it’s someone they knew years ago

what do they see, how do I breathe?


There’s a ghost that walks amongst us its reflection in the glassroom cuts a lonely shape

he’d like to stop and talk but we’re all so busy

without a watch around your wrist without a deadline in the blackberry you’re losing grip

it’s like a tiny itch a hint of something you should have done


Everyone’s a winner and a sinner and a mover in the multi-stakes

we’re at the races babe we’re on a flutter

cash your winnings blow the candles pop the cork we’re gonna get so high

be a big bang in the night-sky toast this happiness


You know the stubble in the mirror’s showing signs of greying  costing more than the price of life

can’t recognize if you’re satisfied or just don’t wish to smile

it’s another day like the other days but in another way

we’re getting closer to the end of the rainbow


 Now we’re nothing but a label in a hurry better work late might be home tonight

If I ever doubt I’ll be the loser

before you sense it in the sewers of your broken self plunge the murky depths

wipe your slate clean


Buzzing slightly closing gently are my eyelids let the words flow

that’s my lonely aim play the typing game

set the world right

seems such a long flight



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2 responses to “maelstrom

  1. Wow, Tigercity. I just think you wrote about a lifetime in this poem. I like the sound of this poem as I read it aloud.

  2. Hi there, thanx.. they read differently in the cold light of day sometimes and the rhythm in my head can’t be conveyed as well so I just hope they read ok to others..

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