the truth

if you’re looking for the truth then you’ve come to the right place

we’ve got ample to go around


if you’re searching for meaning we’ll find some for you

we’re experienced in these matters


if you’re hoping for a message from above we’ve written some down in absentia

we’re sure you’ll understand


if you’re out to sea and the sea is cruel don’t be afraid

we’ll sell you a line


if you’re dreaming of virgin beach, cocktails evenings and hushed tones

we’ve booked the tickets


if you’re wondering what happens next

we’ve all the answers for you


if you need assurances that everything will be alright

we’ll nod and listen


if you’re praying for a miracle

we’ll smile benignly


if you’re expecting a happy ending

we’ll tell you a story


and that will be the truth



Filed under daily, Dreams, Philosophy, Poetry

4 responses to “the truth

  1. This cracks me up, Tigercity! The idea of selling the truth is very creative indeed. 🙂

  2. Nice feeling there. I bet we could do incredible things all together, if we were in the state of mind described above…

    It´s like feeling security and freedom at the same time, I had a nice time reading this

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