always on the look out for a bargain

pops in all the shops along the street

trying on the fashion which adorns those

in the pages of her magazine


slouching while the adolescent make up

runs along the lines upon her face

attitude is worth more than a smile here

the discontented breed are commonplace


but you’ll never win the lottery

and you’ve got to finish school

your parents tell you lies to keep you locked up like a fool

yet the life you want is out there

but you’d rather stay in bed instead

and open that book tomorrow if you feel like it

but you don’t feel like it, do you?

you just can’t be arsed today


often meet you mates to drag a quick one

you’re too young to die of cancer sometime soon

and a smoky voice comes over sexy

on the telly during the afternoon


why not work for money in the clothes shop

they’ll treat you like an adult and it pays

then move out of the prison that you parents run

pocket-money’s kids stuff anyway







Filed under daily, Dreams, music, Poetry

2 responses to “bored

  1. Love the message that comes through loud and clear in this, Tigercity! I like the title, too!

  2. I was never of this breed.. but my sister was!

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