I am the alpha male..

I am the alpha male and I gonna get ya

bring ya back to my place knock some sense into ya

you better know your place darling you come running when I call ya

you don’t question what I do you don’t think neither

I’ll do the contemplating you make yerself look nice honey

but I won’t catch ya casting smiles at them pretty boys

that mean one thing you don’t belong no more

you betta appreciate what it is you’re kept for

I treat ya right ain’t that so

I give ya what you need ain’t that the truth

I want my bread buttered on both sides and if you ain’t the crust

I just gonna have to send ya on down the road baby

roll ya on down out of town

with me there ain’t no foolin’ around

ain’t no p’s and q’s no sir

them fancy words don’t mean a damn where I’m concerned

a man gotta eat and a man gotta be loved

he gonna want sweet caress when he feeling mellow

woman know what time the bell rings

woman you know I drink my coffee black

woman I ain’t gonna cut ya no slack

woman when I get home I want you scrub my back

Cos woman know the alpha male don’t lack



Filed under daily, Philosophy, Poetry

3 responses to “I am the alpha male..

  1. This guy better not desire an Alpha Female. 🙂 A rather raucous poem might transpire! 🙂

  2. very much a “tongue in cheek” entry this.. but since this species does exist and apparently attractive to some women I thought I’d have some fun with it.. now go and make the dinner.. (only kidding) 😉

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