Dating.. or lack of it…

Girl One (a medical secretary, in her 30s):

following a promising chat…

“Do you fancy going out sometime?”

“Yes with pleasure, I’ve got my kids this weekend but next weekend should be ok”

“I’ll send you an email..”

reply to email..

“Finally I can’t make Friday, my eldest child is sick and I need to be with him all the weekend..

“OK I understand, no problem..”

End of story.

Girl Two (an actress around 35):

following a long and fun conversation…

“So give me your phone number and we’ll go out sometime soon”

“Yes, why not, here you are…”

Text sent after a few days (got to play it cool right?)…. no reply.. never…

End of story.

Girl Three (a marketing assistant in her 20s):

following a relatively brief conversation..

“So who do you work for?”

“I can’t tell you it’s confidential, but it’s in energy”

“Nuclear power right?”

a smile

“Anyway would you like to go out sometime?”


“Erm… ok… are you with somebody?”

“Not anymore..”

“That was a quick rejection! Don’t you like English people?”

a smile

“Don’t worry about it..”

End of story.

… what is it with people these days? Just say “I don’t fancy you..”, “You’re not in my age group..” or don’t give me your flaming phone number in the first place or email…

Say what you mean…

is it that hard?



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6 responses to “Dating.. or lack of it…

  1. Philip Newman

    Strange folk – women. But then, I guess we all are. Don’t you just wish you had the chance to show what a genuine, decent bloke you are – if only they took a little time to get to know you. And you are! Your close friends know that!

    (don’t need to publish, I just felt your ‘pissed off – ness’)

  2. Appreciate that Phil! just having a rant & it’s not really dirty washing, I think most people can relate to this.. what can I say.. I’m willing to play the field but I can’t get over the fence! just remembered I left another one out.. was played along a bit, an excuse here, an excuse there.. not bothered really, it’s like sales.. once you don’t mind being rejected, then surely the law of averages will swing your way..

  3. Hi Tigercity,
    My grandmother used to have a saying for my sisters and myself when we were dating and would get discouraged. She’d say, “Men are like street cars. Another one will be along in five minutes.” I liked that and think it can be effectively turned around to say, “Women are like street cars. Another one will be along in five minutes”. One of those women will go to the destination, you know and that one will have been well worth the wait and you won’t even remember the rejections. I hated dating until that one came along.

    • I’ve developed quite a thick skin, which people say you need but in reality only comes from experience.. I guess I’ll know when I meet someone, I hope I will, I still trust my instinct.. 😉

  4. Anne M.

    Honest post. It would have been interesting to know whether these rejections came from French women or English… but anyway here’s my grain of salt:
    Girls don’t like hurting guy’s feelings and they also like to keep their options open. So what may seem as a dishonest attitude is their way of keeping on top of things. But I’ve found this kind of behaviour in other situations as well (it is not confined to dating). Don’t give up.

    • all Francaises! however since writing this, number two has texted me (after about 12 days..) alluding to a possible date..
      I don’t think girls are alone in “keeping their options open”.. I’ll tell you one thing though.. don’t know if it’s peculiar to me or not.. I have no problem asking a girl out.. I just don’t like doing it with other people listening.. !

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