American Pancakes

 a set of three…



1,5 cups flour

1,5 cups milk

an egg, beaten

a sachet of baking powder

salt & sugar

a drop of natural vanilla extract


In a mixing bowl, whisk the flour, baking powder, salt & sugar and make a “well” in the centre.. add the egg and about half of the milk.. whisk the mixture adding the remaining milk little by little until you have a smooth fairly thick texture… then add and stir in the vanilla… now you’re ready to cook the pancakes..

Heat some butter in a griddle and plop in one ladle of batter.. after a few minutes, flip it over until browned both sides..

serve with sliced fresh strawberries and of course maple syrup..


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One response to “American Pancakes

  1. Looks just like home, Tigercity! 🙂 I used to get sick to my stomach when I ate pancakes until I realised I was using a little too much syrup. Yum!

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