Kofte: Turkish meatballs…


Minced beef ( 300 g)

grated dried bread (from a baguette)

one egg

one finely chopped onion

kofte spices (cumin, black pepper, paprika)


I learnt how to make these the Turkish way. In a bowl add all the above ingredients then knead rigorously until the mixture becomes a ball. You then individually shape each meatball in the palm of your hand, rotating the ball in a circular motion.

With these meatballs I chose to make a “Sicilian” dish, which I’d picked up from “The Godfather” film.

You fry a chopped garlic clove in olive oil & add 3-4 freshly chopped tomatoes. Let them break down and add some concentrated tomato purée. Add a splash of red wine (I used Lambrusco)and a spoonful of sugar, mix in then place the fresh meatballs on top of the sauce and gently cook through..



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2 responses to “Kofte

  1. Philip Newman

    Sounds delicious. Red wine to accompany the dish with Turkish delight and Turkish coffee for afters?

  2. Sure I polished off the rest of the bottle.. for real Turkish delight (lokum) one should visit the country itself.. as for the coffee I can make it.. next time you’re up.. 🙂

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