it’s easy!

it’s easy to laugh

it’s easy to smile

it doesn’t cost a dime

it pays to be kind

it pays to be fair

it doesn’t cost a cent

it’s hard to be frank

it’s hard to be honest

it may cost you a job

it’s money which taints

it’s profit which brands

it leaves you high and dry

it’s freedom I know

it’s water I drink

it’s nothing to those who possess

it’s the price on your head

it’s the handcuffs you wear

which you don’t see or even question

it’s easy to think

it’s harder to change

it’s dangerous to criticize

it’s when you’ve enough

that you’ve never enough

you’ll always find one who has more

so you’ll always be tied

and dissatisfied

in your race against time to succeed

and you’ll feel that you’re near

yet you’re deluded my dear

as the pot of gold sinks out of view

you’ll sit scratching your head while millions go unfed

Pandora’s box belongs to so few



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4 responses to “it’s easy!

  1. 🙂 Wonderful!!!! Reminds me of my Granddaddy rhyming lessons to me. He was quite fun, well read and a rhyming wizard. Everything was rhythmical like your piece, above. …and all came with a lesson. Good one, Tiger City!

  2. Hi tigercity;

    “As the pot of gold sinks out of view”

    Aye, true words my friend, they stick in one’s mind, like “Pandora’s box”, who would forget?

    • we never quite get there do we? so I say.. all in good time.. plus one of my favourite quotes “don’t forget to smell the flowers along the way” (Walter Hagan).. sometimes we’re so caught up in the rush of modern life we miss the simple pleasures..

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