Caligula’s salad

Wanna get healthy in 2011? well try my new creation to help kick-off your good intentions…


handful of roquette, handful of chopped parsley, one chopped spring onion, one chopped stick of celery, half a yellow pepper chopped,  a few halved seedless green grapes


3-4 tbsp walnut oil

tsp Dijon mustard

2 tbsp wine vinegar

tbsp honey

juice from half a fresh lemon

one crushed garlic clove..



Filed under Cuisine, daily, Health

2 responses to “Caligula’s salad

  1. I’m curious, Tigercity. Why Caligula?
    I think I will try this. I like a good salad and your dressing sounds really good. Thanks!

  2. I named it Caligula’s salad as there already exists the famous “Caesar’s Salad” which is tasty but with completely different ingredients.. Julius Caesar of course was a well known Roman emperor who went down as fairly positive in history.. so I went for the notorious Caligula who was a tyrant in order to balance ying with yang so to speak..

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