footing hell..

Whilst still a long way from enduring a marathon run, at least I’m back running & swimming.. however the cost at the moment is a bit of pain the following day after jogging.. or as the French call it le footing.. a word you can have fun with..

I was a tad concerned as I’d completed a 4 km jog around the racetrack on Friday evening  and it felt ok afterwards until I was walking down to the pub to see a gig, the foot started playing up again.. every time you think it’s mended it just keeps reminding you that it’s no gimme.

It was a bit tight today but has eased off this evening. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to fulfill my wish of playing a racket sport again, tennis.. even if I need to pop an anti-inflammatory pill afterwards, my foot has to learn again..

I’ve been following the physio’s advice and done all the balance improvement exercises along with the ankle muscle strengthening exercises so hopefully the patience will pay off..

If that goes ok, I’ve got a game of badminton lined up on Wednesday so I really don’t want my finely tuned plans derailing by any annoying niggles again..

So best foot forward.. that will be the right one..




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