a new decade..

Well here we are, all together or all alone. I’m into my fourth full decade and my third as an adult.. the beauty of it is that I have a clean slate to begin etching on.. what kind of picture will I produce… a rhetoric question bien sur!

Born in 1972, my first decade wasn’t a full one and obviously the memories are scattered and blotchy.. innocent excitement, family hols and playground friends.. family christmas, dancing school, a bungalow in a small village..

The 80s were schooling mainly, three years in a navigation school at the end of the decade, memories of playing the odd game of cricket & hockey for my school, saturday mini-pizzas made by my mum, trips into Hull with dad to watch football or play on the games at the bowling alley.. and of course glitzy, glam pop stars on “top of the pops”..

The 90s meant university, golf,  adventure, travel, the opposite sex, carefree living..

The noughties began with marriage in the millenium, living abroad all the decade, the challenges of being in a couple, the highs, the lows, the laughs, the tears.. it ended in divorce… and somehow a new birth..

So here I am, here you are… what will it hold?

I’m not one for fortune telling, I don’t wish to know the outcome, life is full of surprises, some hard, some wonderful, I hope there’s some love, some fun, some good games.. and new experiences..

There are things I can do better at, things to work on, people to learn from.. 

I’m ready for it, are you?

Bring it on!



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2 responses to “a new decade..

  1. Bring it on indeed ! Hi Tiger…happy new year ! I’ve been absent for a while but have decided to dive back into Blogland and see what I’ve been missing. See ya round !

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family too.. true about blogland.. you just can’t stay away too long.. How’s Oz coping with that Ashes result? Was really trying not to mention it.. you probably don’t even care!

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