sea of tranquility

all is quiet outside my window
even the birds are nursing a hangover
a cool blanket of snow had lain
its leftovers from yesterday
three days and nights of revelry
that fogginess of thought and action
must be shaken from its slumber
and I shan’t touch another drop until I land
north of the channel

we sang and we danced to the guitar
we knocked back the juice with aplomb
this fun cost a pittance
to the debt that’s good riddance
so the joy in our souls may live on!



Filed under daily, Poetry, Travel

4 responses to “sea of tranquility

  1. I can picture the festivities that took place and feel the quietness of your soul at this writing, Tigercity. I like this very much!

  2. thanx Leslie.. it’s nice to read that you’ve picked up on what I was trying to portray.. hope you had a lovely festive period too..

  3. Loved it, TigerCity! Cheers ;0)

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