something for the weekend..

fine that’s fine with me if that’s the way you want it

sit in your closet and scheme

my word you’re not short of words are you?

you must have been practicing in front of your mirror as it smashed to smithereens

it wouldn’t surprise me nothing would to learn that you’re disappointed being a minion

and do you really think that services rendered will bring them to heed your opinion?

can’t see the wood for the trees are lush yet you don’t stop to think

mind your thoughts are so deep you must wake up in the fishtank thrashing not to sink

you’re nothing to me and you don’t matter to them

so send your little messages of spite

in an endless whirl of inbox checking they might summon you they just might

but they won’t you know when they sell out and those values sure will splutter

shame all your shrewd investments shall be washed right down the gutter

so play your games and marvel at the power in your head

cos while you ponder dither and debate I’ll be sleeping in my bed

there’s something for the weekend

raise a glass to thoughts sublime

a little something  to sip for eternity

once you step over the line


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