have I been away?

well only to the kitchen… dough looking decent..

glass of wine or three.. naughty

work tomorrow… think so..

up late..  shower and dress.. well I’ve got a free lunch..

never say no to a free lunch..

been web-cruising me.. is that a new term?

should be.. bung a patent on that one mister.. er.. who’s in charge of the internet these days?

after a couple I enjoy posting sharp and witty comments on various sites..

I only do it to attract attention

we all need recognition..

people need to know I’ve got a valid opinion

can’t see straight to write this.. blink a bit.. there

dough will be rising

so are prices..

any ideas for toppings?

have a peep later after the football to see if I’ve any replies to my funny comments..

what a load of bollocks

this is what you get on a staying-in day

and why I tend to go out

off to kneed the dough…

and fry the bacon

sip of vino tinto along the way

just what the doctor ordered

all those liars who say they’re not on facebook

everybody’s on bloody facebook, if you’re not you’re fibbing

can’t leave bleeding facebook

it’s like losing a limb

I mean what’s the point of living if you can’t tell everyone what you’ve been doing?

me me me me me

I’m a fantastic chef, a fantastic comedian and a fantastic lover


the last one’s true!



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4 responses to “pizza

  1. Derya

    Like a real pizza…All mixed about you 😉

  2. and like my home-made pizzas.. completely original.. 🙂

  3. I keep coming back to read this one, Tigercity. I like the flow of this, perhaps because this is how my days seem to pass. Even when I am out and about! Thumbs up on this from me! 🙂

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