angel of my soul

angel of my soul
stirs somewhere within
she keeps me strong
this collection of cells and protein interwoven into one
worthless on a market day priceless as a masterpiece
carried by a body that slowly ebbs away
when the lights are dimmed on judgement day
will I transcend into heaven or plunge down to hell
is it me or her
it’s hard to tell
it’s cold down here
don’t hear you clear
an angel you see
was inside of me

you can spot her in my eyes for they shine bright
she gives me depth with her sweet voice
and when I seek assurance she pulls me through
one day she’ll be gone and I’ll be dead alone
she’ll find another home
she’s light I feel
she’s softness
she’s all I ever need
yet she belongs to eternal life
when we say goodnight she’ll leave



Filed under daily, Philosophy, Poetry

2 responses to “angel of my soul

  1. Must be the body having a little conversation, here, in first person. Never quite thought of that, Tiger City. Perhaps this body is the birthplace of this wonderful soul angel that is shed once she is ready to soar? Good poem.

    • she’s our lifeforce.. she’s the something which makes us more than flesh & bones.. but we can’t put a finger on her.. she can’t be touched.. finally she flies away.. forever young.. wheras we.. we are decrepit and function no longer..

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