What’s next?

Do you ever feel that writing leads us nowhere?

into a hole so deep and cold

is it any wonder that we feel low

when dreams are made of snow and fantasies we should outgrow


set in stone

the laws and regulations state that you’re not allowed to contemplate

another way

we’re here to stay

boxed in with your enemies, the cruel lies they propagate are all just fake

they’re all made up by grey-suited men the uber-pen, the mother hen

or whatever you might fancy calling them

Do you wish to live in peace and contentedness?

then god thee bless, if he’s up to it, if he’s listening

the umpteenth time he’s let you down but you forgive

not him

what kind of relationship is that my friend?

would drive me round the bend the bitter end

persistence fails

Get up get out get on with what you do you bloody fool

just bend the rules the looking-glass should shatter

these roving lens recording all we do and all we sin and where we’ve been

our sanity our sanctity our privacy

exists not here

let’s renegade let’s move away

if not today then when?



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3 responses to “What’s next?

  1. Hi tigercity;

    “Do you ever feel that writing leads us nowhere?”


    “If not today then when?”

    If and when it is time

    It is not always ours to do what we wish, for there are always consequences and some we may not be prepared to deal with as there is too much for us to “lose”.

    When we have nothing left to “lose”, then it will be time.

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