there’s nothing left to haunt me

as you sit inside this room
protected by the closing gloom
and sing alone
the walls don’t hear they murmur thin they won’t laugh

and no emotion to be felt its wafer like and dynamite which could explode
why can’t I speak why can’t I eat it’s happening
and do I fool myself I tell myself it’s mind gaming
and searching far and hunting wide to grasp a shadow in an eye
to find again that lucky day it’s passed away it fades away
there’s nothing left to haunt me..

so many years have come and gone so many ups so many downs
I’ve locked away the lock and key the misery the jubilee
I scold myself I breed delight by electric lamp by dead of night
my sleep I say you must await it’s this my fate it’s chatter
the world is me I am my world inside a head a pretty girl
a girl so young a girl so frail
a smile a pearl a tenderness
it’s clear to see and clear to touch
I need it so I yearn so much
a lifeforce churning deep inside the labyrinth the countryside
a thousand words a million songs
I shall conduct I shall pronounce
there’s nothing left to haunt me..

I’m filled with glee I’m filled with dread
this rushing sensation these flow of words
admit the truth admit the hope
and find a way to hold the candle so it shall burn
burn my hours into day freeze my thoughts into reality
fingers around my throat around my heart
I’m yours if you want to claim me
there’s nothing left to haunt me..



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4 responses to “there’s nothing left to haunt me

  1. I like this, Tigercity, especially when paired with the tags you gave this post; pondering, risk, love, fear and excitement. You covered it all with your words and seemed to pass on that wonderful circumstance we find ourselves in, of being human….

  2. An existential moment (?), well written, well declared. That’s digging deep, Tiger, and you’ve caught it so well. To me, plumbing such depths is what good writing is all about; especially if you can get it over so lucidly and stylistically. You have. Good stuff.

    • muchas gracias senor!
      alas a fleeting moment.. caught up in the ride.. but I allowed it to happen.. carried away until I shook myself out of it with a sharp knock to the head.. as for the writing.. I just let it out as per se.. that’s what I always do.. during a few chaotic minutes..

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