Something disastrous has happened, there is a loud noise as a heavy object rams into the bedroom ceiling doing heavy damage.. yes, it must have been the fire extinguisher..  this is bad and will cost a lot, I can’t have secured it properly.. what was I thinking?

Struggling out of bed in a cold sweat I grasp for the light switch, it’s a job finding it and I don’t want to trip over the plaster and wreckage which must lie around on the floor..

Finally I manage it.. taking a deep breath and fearing the worst – lack of sleep, phone calls, emergency services, angry neighbours, damaged reputation, police?

I switch on the light and… there’s nothing there… everything intact…


I’m under pressure in the lab, there’s a tray of test-tubes and containers, smoke is billowing out of two of them.. I must be so careful not to upset the tray.. the chemicals are acidic and burning… perspiring and afraid, I choose to add the contents of one to another.. I don’t know what I’m doing.. I don’t remember the rules or guidelines.. shit something is wrong.. the stuff reacts badly.. it overflows out of the container.. I can’t see well.. it is spreading quickly like oil.. I can’t touch it or control it as I have no protective gloves..

It’s all going horribly wrong.. I just manage to lower the tray to the bed, why am I doing this in the bedroom? I’m so tired and I can’t concentrate.. the acid escapes, foul gas makes me cough, everything will be destroyed, the wooden parquet floor will be breached, the neighbours injured… it eats through the bed covers as I get up and lunge for the light switch… I can’t begin to imagine the scene awaiting me… here we go….

nothing..  all is well…yet I’m dripping sweat…



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One response to “Ibuprofen..

  1. Hi Tigercity;

    Dang, see what a little pill will do. 🙂

    It is amazing what the mind can conjure up when dreaming, it sometimes scares me realizing what if you can’t stop the imagery when you are awake?

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