There’s a marathon in Lyon tomorrow.. I’m not entered in it however this is something I’m aiming to achieve in the near future.

I reckon it’s something most people secretly would love to say they’ve done.

It’s been vaguely popping into my head during the last couple of years… so it’s probably got to be struck off the list sooner or later..

I’ve also enjoyed watching Eddie Izzard’s amazing efforts on YouTube (BBC) where he runs around Britain for Sport relief. Massive respect to the guy for this.. he’s a great character.

He did many marathons in a row, I’m just going to do one..  and just like him.. and this is the only comparison.. by announcing the challenge first in public.. it puts the intention out there.. sure not many people read this but it doesn’t matter.. when I promise something I deliver.

I’m also in excellent physical shape right now, with previous complaints of tendonitis in the knee a thing of the past, plus my right foot less of a concern & with my stamina at a high level through football, badminton & tennis.. I’m serious about the task, I’ve probably never been this fit in my life.. so let’s make hay..

The next thing is to choose one coming up, work out the timeframe and stick to a preparation plan… and then finish top ten.. well maybe not.. I’ll want to give it my best shot though..

Sport mirrors life, nothing worth doing is easy and for me running is boring in its own right. In this case, it’s not important what I think of it as a sport. It’s also clear that long distance stuff takes mental toughness but that won’t be an issue with me..

Realistically we’re looking at 2011.. but countdown starts now with research, talking to people who have done it & putting the show on the road.



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6 responses to “marathon..

  1. right now, I’m recovering from an ankle sprain 3-4 weeks.. inspirational stuff to begin with .. 😉

  2. Do it, Tigercity. I did it years ago. Only one, but like you said, one can say they did it. You will be glad you did.

  3. bouzouki

    tigercity, you have inspired me, but I intend to walk a mile a day for the rest of the month, so it will be 31 miles, or more, but my knees will only ache a bit, not screaming agony. I thought of you along my walk today, which I will try to encapsulate at Ichabod’s place.

    • Hi Bouzouki,

      So did you do a km yesterday? here was impossible with huge snowfalls and ice everywhere.. my recovery is still underway, I’m having sessions with a physio but will soon be ok.. it’s been 2 months for a sprain.. I’ll have gotten fatter before I get into shape again.. such is life.. !

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