just checked my blog stats and today 23 visits!

many thanx to all who have made the effort.. you could all have wasted your time on Facebook  instead, so it’s an honour..

wonder where all these people have come from.. out of the woodwork..

spent this evening listening to Hull City get stuffed 4-0 at Burnley on Radio Humberside.. after beating the canaries of Norwich it’s a crash back down to earth.. this is what you get when you have to sell half of your players.. it’s going to be an up & down season..

long day tommorow.. work, badminton then back for a private lesson.. I should get some sleep but never feel like it..

think i’ll make a cup & tea first & read a bit of my book “The troublesome offspring of cardinal guzman” by Louis de Bernières who isn’t french but you wouldn’t know it from his name..

If you haven’t heard of him, he’s the author of “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”.. his books are a funny mix of dark comedy, tragedy & fictional south american countries.. or Turkey & Greece which are real places, I’ve checked the map..

lived in one of them too… and I could write a book about it but that’s for later..


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