sunday night

stillness all around

time to catch your breath

brace yourself for the onslaught

nothing to stop me driving off into the night

and filling up the tank until I reach the ocean

there I’d take a dip and shiver no doubt

realizing that the buzz of summer is over

all that came with it has gone

the laughs, the adventures, the love and the colour

back on the shelf without a label

right where I need to be

I won’t close my eyes as I sleep tonight

So I can see you coming..



Filed under daily, Fun, Poetry

5 responses to “sunday night

  1. feetontheground

    back to poetry hey ?
    keep at it !

  2. Derya Oztoplu

    Derya likes this 😉

  3. you never know what you’re going to get with my blog.. could be poetry or it could be chit chat..a real pick ‘n mix.. there’s no order, the only thing i try and do is not write too much as in the modern world people just can’t concentrate for long!

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