gardening at night

hi all i’ve decided to write this entry just like someone i know writes all the time.. its got nothing to do with green fingers or times of the day or the REM track if you recognize it.. was one of there early ones i stopped listening to them when they got to monster..

actually its pretty hard to make myself go on in this style i’ve actually bothered to put in a paragraph and more or less intentionally spell correctly there you are missed a full stop it drives you up the wall eventually…

what it does do is free up the mind so that u concentrate on your thoughts and nowt else what u might notice here is that i’ve now added in some sms stuff too and stopped getting bogged down with punctuation.. who need it anyway wot a drag we dont need no education neither innit?

i,m quite into using the comma instead of the apostrophe up there where u have to press down on a shift key depressing isn,t it wow bloggin is betta lazy..

who said english shud be hard i say lets all dumb down u get more milage outta it in the end and folks can like tag along i,m doubtful many have bothered carrying on to here complete waste of time..

well the washing machine has finished its mini cycle so i,ll toddle off hang out the clothes

fingers crossed no rain tomorra cos football is on and it makes or brakes my week ya know dont feel as pepped up for the weekend without a game gotta get my fix 

so i,d betta stop flogging this dead horse and give the ole keyboard a breather

didn,t keep me promise to write every day as my parents was here and i was busy showing them round the city museums town hall then beaujolais on sunday was cool we supped some wine experts wud say tasted but sod that afters bought a few bottles sunny and warm it were weather boo its gonna be autumn or what the americans call fall

well i wont blame this on the wine i,m nockin back it would be a lie plus i guess a spell cheque is out of bounds pc might crash lol

managed to keep lols to a minimum lol



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2 responses to “gardening at night

  1. Derya Oztoplu

    After washing I could hang out clothes for you 😉 cheers and love to read your daily …

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