it’s gonna be cream of cauliflower & mushroom.. really these are the veggies which are going to go off if I don’t use them.. and I’m a dab hand at soups so no worries there..

what else happened today? played indoor tennis, fast court did pretty well although I’m always up against a pretty good larker in my neighbour.

Should be three straight days of sports tomorrow with football in the park weather permitting.. cross fingers and toes on that one..

glass of Merlot.. and the phishing post came to life cos today I had to re-set all my passwords as some thieving cheat had obviously hacked my email account and sent spam to people.. if I ever catch one of these people they’ll get a good kicking..

The folks are coming this weekend to visit Lyon for the first time in 5 years (I make it).. so got some stuff lined up such as the silk museum, the opera and a trip out to the vineyards where the harvest is about to start in the Beaujolais..

Reet, back to kitchen to knock off the soup.. it’s getting late anyway as I was on the phone too long..



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