is crap.

normally I’d tend to think that.. can be really boring shuffling round the block for an hour on your own..

but tonight it felt right.. I mean the weather was perfick – raining.. a cool constant drizzle and my right foot felt tight, my left-hand big toe is still  bruised from football and I had a minor ear-ache yet somehow I’ve come back refreshed.

sound like a whinging hypochondriac don’t I?

Nurse, nurse ohh it hurts.. where is that cream..?

aghherm.. and back just in time to catch up with my new daily chore of prattling on this blog.

I’ve figured out what life is about finally.. it’s about jogging.. kind of anyway.. that’s just an analogy for keeping moving… kinetic energy… non-stopness..

Packed in a lot this evening.. cooked a cauliflower cheese dinner, watched a film about Iraq with Ralph Feinnes briefly in it before a sniper got him.. but towards the end of the movie I had my cravings.. just had to head out for my sport fix..

jog on.


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