gone phishing..

I hold my hand up.. I thought that I’d failed to deliver an entry for today… meaning the 14th.. but since WordPress is two hours behind French time I’ve got away with it..  but what the hell I had better things to do.. and it’s in brackets so if you don’t want to know the result, look away now..

(I was listening to City’s match with Derby.. we won 2-0)

Anyway.. football out the way for non-sports fans.. since I’m still awake it’s still really Tuesday in my head.. Wednesday only starts with the alarm clock tomorrow morning.. or later today if you insist.

Right then..why the title? mind your own bloody business! 

Why the stroppiness?

Seriously, I’ve had it with the modern world, if it’s not viruses, it’s anti-viruses, if it’s not worms it’s trojan horses.. horses used to be such noble creatures but alas the ones on the web are filthy rotten little sneaks..

It wasn’t even my laptop which they infiltrated, it was the company’s but they annoyed me anyway.. all backdoor and shifty they are.. lurking and waiting to pounce.. leeches.. blood-sucking good-for-nothing, itchy scratchy grade one donald ducks..

I’m not one for fishing but it’s a lot more of a natural pastime than this internet bilge.. although I still find myself here in front of the screen typing this latest effort.

Phishing apparently means identity fraud on the net.. programs which go fishing around to steal your personal bank data and the like.. nasty business.

I’ve always thought the anti-virus software writers must be the ones who write the viruses.. it makes sense that there must be a relationship between them.. the virus spreaders must release their cruel little monsters out of the tin and then get straight on the blower to the anti-virus folks and sell them the anti-dote. they probably even knew each other from school, the spotty-faced geeks..

What they need is a steel-headed 3-wood round the monitor.

What they also need is to get some bloody fresh-air instead of pissing everyone off with their ruinous computer destroying programs.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the good side of the internet – streaming.. yeah watching football for free.

Now, I’ve told you I’ll need to think up something else..



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