Now after 2 years of occasional blogging, I’m going to make an effort to actually write something every day.

We’ll start off with siestas which I try and fit in whenever I’m lucky enough to pop home at lunchtime.

And for me 30′ to an hour replenishes the body and soul.. since I don’t sleep nearly enough during the night, it’s a top-up.

Re the blogging, I find I do more of it when I’m not actually in a relationship, perhaps because it gives me a way of dealing with the emotional issues.. pretty sure of that actually.. plus I have more time on my hands to waste..

and what’s more.. most of my posts have been poetry (or attempted!) so I’ve been thru periods where I was bereft of ideas and others where it all came gushing out..

So here’s to providing a new insight into daily life in Lyon.. not that I’m the typical Lyonnais (native of Lyon, France) – impossible as I’m English (and also British).. another subject for another time that one…

I’m not even going to stop, edit and change stuff, there’s no point in dressing up mutton as lamb.. the best I shall offer is a spell-check.. but if anyone urges me to stop this flurry of drivel after a while and concentrate on poetry or songs, go ahead.. I will respond to the masses..

And if you think it should all be about Hull City AFC.. then I’m a constant commentator on the Tigers over on BBC 606 and Vital Hull.. same name, same game…

well, there we go, kicked off this little test, things should snowball from here.. he says doubtfully..



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2 responses to “siestas

  1. Philip Newman

    Two hours of writing a day, recommends Stephen King, and leave out the adverbs. He’s got a point, marvellously put and terribly important, even for those who write frightfully well.
    Siestas should occur after a full lunch that’s swilled down with copious plonk and directly following the after-sex cigarette (for the smokers). Fit that in when working and I’ll swap jobs. Fit that in when retired and an ever-lasting siesta will soon be coming your way.
    Yes, Tiger, continue the drivel – it far outweighs mine. Keep the pages coming and the smiles on our faces.

  2. Hark! Is it not yours truly glowing in thine encouragement?

    Ahh oui oui bien sur… je suis d’accord entirely about the overly employed adverbs, ugly ducklings that they unquestionably are… splattered spuriously accross the amatuer writer’s page…

    Who do they think they are?? I recoil in horror my learned friend…

    One should not attempt to attain olympian heights with the lexical magic set of the English language if one has not been nurtured from an early age in the delicate art of wordplay..

    How I scoff at their incompetence..

    Jenkins! my quill please…

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