just some words which came out of a keyboard..

Summer has flown by and I’m left breathless again

from volcanic ash delays to mountain sun rays to gear box  failures

had it all lost it all lived it all

I’d do it again but  don’t know when

the year isn’t out yet but I’ve experienced enough emotions to fill it

already that I don’t recall what I was even doing in February

I know I weigh seventy-one kilos which isn’t bad only one more than thirteen years ago

If you thought this was a poem you’ll be dissapointed to find it’s a rant

just couldn’t be bothered to put any styling into it

you might think that’s lazy well maybe it is

but just let it ride today and I’ll run tomorrow

wouldn’t mind finding some direction I’ve been becalmed

soon the wind will be up and the ripples shall grow into waves

that’s when you learn how balance works


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