The Band (a song)

I see colours everywhere
I see rainbows in the air
I see people with skins so tanned
I see couples walk hand in hand
I see smiles across the land
While we’re waiting for the band

I see youngsters in the crowd
I see flags raised tall and proud
I see energy and symphony
I see excitement and empathy
I see rattling drums with harmonies
While we’re singing with the band

You know it’s just a fleeting moment
I’m sure everyone will hold
Dashing images have been and gone
Rushing tempo of the closing song
Right now we just want to sing along
So let’s all sing along
So let’s all sing along
Let’s all sing along

I hear engines in the sky
I hear shouts from passers-by
I hear encores from the homebound throng
I hear fare-ye-wells from everyone
I hear echos in the night
While we’re parting from the stands

I go back from where I’d come
Sure did have a lot of fun
I sing snippets from my favourite tracks
Play the albums from my CD rack
There’s a concert in my home
So I’ll never be alone
No I’ll never be alone
No I’ll never be alone



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4 responses to “The Band (a song)

  1. I like your song Tigercity, now we only need to hear it to music.

    Can you sing?

  2. Hi Ich,

    You’re quick off the mark, only posted this just now! I think I can write songs, they sound OK in my head.. that’s part one, one of my friends says he could teach me guitar, so that will be part two but the voice I don’t know.. that remains to be seen.. I’m a bit slow on this project.. still scratching the surface..

  3. blissbait

    Hey! I LOVE this! And I second Ichabod, I’d love to hear You sing it. And Lord!!! If You have confidence…no matter WHAT Your voice sounds like, You can SING and people will love You. Think of Dylan….Bob Dylan…the man can’t sing but he’s BRILLIANT and I love listening to him! Cowrazy cool. And THANKS for the GREAT Birthday poem You left me. I love Your writing!!! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • I did try my hand at singing last week & my friend who’s a singer/guitarist in a band said I ‘had something’ which was a nice thing to hear.. so watch this space.. did some rock/blues and a lengthy jam session which I just ad libbed..

      Talking of Dylan, well he’s playing a gig here in Lyon next week and I’m going! living legend..

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