Merde and that..

A true story (cough cough..)

One day the Emperor Tiv was past tense, he was unquestionably negative! All his futures which he considered progressive investments were continuously subjecting him to object to third persons actively inferring fault. In a passive voice, he decided to preposition the chamber maid, which should put her in her place. She had no adverbials in her clause to worry him about what she may say or tell to such and such as long as everyone thought her a so and so.
Actually Tiv had many false friends in his important palace which tended to make his weekends nothing special. Suddenly, his bestest friend the superlative fashion guru ‘Mode’ Al walked in wearing a would be might have been can can robe. Al liked to have a flutter on the horses, even ones with inflections, as they offered him interesting benefits if he made the good prognosis. But today the accent was on business, especially as they were waiting with impatience to receive the French cadres who were coming in the palace from their society in the provinces.
Tiv and Al the both had been reflecting many many times about ameliorating the market slice. It isn’t possible said Tiv, but Al was not agree and this drove to considerable deliberation. Finally when all the administration was complete and the invites had went back to chez-them, Tiv would want to pass some time at the maid in order to have something done. But the maid was not there, she was washing the television. Tiv was very nervous, he had quite with this bordel and he detested the merde on the TV so went to do dodo instead of.  Tomorrow, he would decontract himself by walking in the nature…


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2 responses to “Merde and that..

  1. Oh the cynical doing of dodo–LOL–you are such a sly ‘tiger’.

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