musings over tea..

Some say there’s meaning in the things we do
that we’re pre-ordained to see it through
or programmed by the great creator
to live and die sooner or later
yet each to his own it seems to me
shall follow their ancient memory
along this path we search the light
please guide us with your torch so bright
just as lovers fumble in the dark
and philosophers shoot well wide of mark
show me he with qualification
wise and learned reputation
I kid you not there are lies afoot
accept you must no ifs nor buts
in days of yore the scene was set
proclaimed by obsolete alphabet
picture peoples awe and anger
hark the brimstone fire and water
take for wife thy neighbour’s daughter
never question never wonder
strike yon lightning deafen thunder
hail what cometh in the east
praise not henceforth man nor beast
backed by gnostic testimonials
sentenced to death by wild colonials
leaden weight dragged up a hill
but the chosen ones they foot the bill
heaven help should doubt you might
that saved you were that very night
from what exactly pray do tell
be it frozen wasteland or bloody hell
and on we go driven round the bend
and up the walls to the bitter end
fear you all such lack of soul
seek hidden answers secret goals
shan’t throw my offerings to religion
feed instead my homing pigeon



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7 responses to “musings over tea..

  1. zsuzsa

    Yes it gave me warmth but to think you are such a clever man I suppose I always knew I had found a free spirit in you. Keep up the good work Nicolas my husband decided to send me this as a gift today and thinks you are very accomplished. He surfs quite a lot you know. You met in cyberspace perhaps it’s time you met in person!!!

  2. Hi Tigercity;

    With your permission, can I feature this poem on my blog? I really like it.

    I would like to put it in its own post with a link here.

  3. Hi tigercity;

    Thanks, I appreciate it and I featured it on my blog.

    What would we do without those musings over a cup of tea?

  4. blissbait

    i liked your poem there
    and like delicious breadcrumbs
    it leads to your door

    Was wonderful to be reminded of You over at Ichabod’s! I’m a bit sporatic and scarce these days…but You remain lovely. Thank You for Your words. Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Sporadic nomadics indeed.. oh la la et muchas gracias you are a darling! Surely I’ve learnt the key lingo that foreigners speak.. if they don’t get it, just speak loudly and with a shrill insistant tone old boy.

      Well, you must all drop in for tea and scones in the pavillion served by a portly fellow in a smoking jacket..

      The tea shall be Darjeeling of course containing a drop of milk and the freshly oven-baked dainties shall be overflowing with finest Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam.

      Golly gosh, one does feel spring in the air what!

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