night wandering

I’ll sing myself a sweet tune
it might be all I can do to lift the encroaching gloom
and even if I don’t possess the voice of an angel
my lonesome audience murmurs appreciation

So I don’t hesitate to comply
letting the words weave their magic freely
the orchestra plays along in perfect harmony
and the delivery is perfection

the clear night sky
so far upwards and out of reach
offers a theatre of infinite proportions
no echo to rebound my verse homeward

there’s a chill in the air
and no living soul to be seen
hidden behind the shuttered window panes
whispered suggestions of a cosy existence

still I don’t belong here
the quiet invader is trespassing upon sacred ground
I sense the security and I sniff the exclusivity
interwoven into the fabric of comfort

who are they but a ragtag collection of dwellers
these streets are my fields
it’s here I sow the dreams and fantasies of tomorrow
just beneath the surface


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One response to “night wandering

  1. zsuzsa

    Yet more hidden treasures

    keep it going

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