City slippers

City slipped up to Blackburn boring Rovers this evening.. what did I expect?

They’d obviously greased the pitch with hair wax beforehand; their supporters hands plunged deep in trenchcoat pockets grinning in knowing satisfaction as they grafted their way to all 3 points.

Didn’t watch the game – ultimately you don’t need to with Rovers.

What is it with Blackburn bloody Rovers eh?

You just know it’s not going to be much of a match, rather a war of attrition, elbows, niggly tackles, mud, slanging matches between the opposing players & dreary mill town greyness..

This Lancashire hot-pot of a fixture is always insipid, luke warm disappointment served in cracked miners-strike era mugs.

I’ve never been to Ewood Park, I wonder if their matchday programmes are in black & white?

Big Sam sums them up – dour, hard-working and mournful yet they’ll never be relegated cos they all muck in and roll their sleeves up for the gaffer. He’s got one across on his former apprentice once again and is sure in the press conference to mumble something vaguely unpleasant which will translate into Hull will battle on and might stay up if they show the committment that they showed tonight.

So there will be no point in printing what he says as we can already guess. It’s probably been recycled from last season with the growls and grunts shuffled around for effect.

I just felt it in my bones that City would have used up all their best football against the rich clubs at home this previous week and besides when we travel away, it’s either a bad refereeing decision or a dodgy penalty to the opposition, a perfectly good goal ruled out or a weak red card which spoils the show.

Yeah it was Rovers so it was drudgery, most of the game spent defending with 10 men but ultimately it all ends with no points.

I didn’t even see the match, nobody was steaming this one so I followed the events – or rather lack of them if BBC was anything to go by – on the text commentary. It doesn’t matter how much I tried to goad the score into 1-1, the update for an unlikely equalizer never came. I’ll have to work on my mind-control techniques.

They could have played all night, Rovers would have won 1-0 by the time my alarm rang tomorrow morning.

Thus… I’m on a downer. The upper brought on by defeating Manchester City on Saturday has faded away. I hope there’s a nice happy pill to pop a week on Saturday when we visit Upton Park.


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