cryptic crossword on the street

From now until forever
never comes like another tomorrow
mourning all that goes with it diminishes today
breaks into safe future options that might pay
check interest rates they’re a bore
dumb bell ringtone nay nifty aye phone
number crunchie stock exchange
student knocking off early to hit the driving range
eggs us on fancy a flutter on the butterfly wheel
arch-enemy in for a penny black out for a pound
stretches eight miles high from ten feet underground
stations all-comers over party-goer nobodies’ perfect skin
graft your marbles in stone wheely where ya bin
laden leaden shoes on wrong foot athlete blue
in the face whilst waiting bus cue
snookered behind a lorry pot luck ever so sorry
truck you lent in the month of lent
borrowed spade digs up treasure this handle’s bent
over backwards for words to utter
rubbish garbage tripe tastes tepid don’t tip the waiter
tabled bids bills couch potato
chips are mounting poke her pouting face
cream cheese melts in sunlit dairy
leaward leans further out to starboard
jibes ho ho ho and a bottle of rum
red wine plasters poor peasant’s chum
pedigree dog races greyhound bus
stop to catch breath less rush so ridiculous
silly season in the house of fun
fair complexion flushed by run
down our street ahead of time
stand still since you’ve missed the number nine
inch closer to your mid-life prime
sub standard backward accommodation crime
scene oversight mystery caller
ID cards game jackpot rollover
sleep my little ones don’t you cry
wolf daddy’s going to sing you a lullaby
bye-bye baby not you too
much too soon too late too true
love to stay for last orders
obey marching doctors prescribe hors d’oeuvres
starters menu gives deep-fried take-away ocean
drive-through casino prize wins poetry in motion..


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