falls through your fingers

we had it
for a while it simmered
then came to the boil
we left it on a low flame
we rationed out the blame game

we bred it
for a night it sparkled
then in the morning
we let it grow its hair long
we knew the words to its song

we abused it
for it was tough as leather
then began to wear thin
we patched it up re-built it
we swore we’d never bruise it

we found it
yet it was battered and broken
then in its new home
we painted pictures brightly
we shed our tears nightly

we lived it
for it was all we needed
then one evening
we understood the new rules
we dined and drank we were fools



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5 responses to “falls through your fingers

  1. ichabod

    Hi Tigercity;

    I know Christmas was to be a time of togetherness for you.

    Was it an awakening?

  2. Hi Ich,

    You’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head.. a wake-up call.. but there was also togetherness.. let’s just say that my ability to reconcile reality from fantasy seems to have been dwindling.. the world slipped out of focus.. I’m hoping it’s a temporary fault..

  3. Hey Tigercity,

    This is beautiful and so, so clever ! I find myself reading it again and again. Captures perfectly the relationship dance. The last line is brilliant. Thank you for sharing.

    • Colleen,

      Merci! sometimes it all comes together I suppose.. glad you recognize the intent of the poem.. to be honest I didn’t know what else to write after this but ideas are formulating once more..

      • ichabod

        Hi tigercity;

        You got too much creative imagination.

        Let the ideas formulate, relax and let loose 🙂

        You are a helluva good writer and you have sense of common and humor which comes into play that adds character to your words.

        Not everyone has these talents.

        It is an honest opinion on my part.

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